It’s been a while (struggling to avoid a Staind reference), but we are close to a new episode. Recorded, now in editing. Expect it in the next day or two.


New Shows Up For The Week

The new shows are all up for the week. The usual links are below.

Monday’s show is weekly comics, Wednesday’s is movie and TV talk, and Friday is just the two of us rambling about whatever we want.

Please enjoy.

Schedule Updates

With a new week comes a new way of recording. Because of this, new, shorter episodes will now be uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

In the coming weeks we will be experimenting with new things, so please go easy on us. And we welcome any feedback you have. You can utilize the contact page here, the comments on YouTube, or contact us via Twitter @SortaProfessio2


We have deleted our Podomatic account, and removed the link. 

Also, a YouTube exclusive podcast is in thr works. Matt and guest Rob will discuss Game Informer’s list of the 100 Greatest RPG Video Games. Matt is currently editing the video to the best of his limited ability so that everyone will have something to look at while they listen.

That Time of the Week

Brand new episode is live on all sites. We just got some new equipment, so let us know how it sounds.

Also, check out the YouTube channel, were we’ve uploaded a video of Matt helping a surprising player in Dark Souls 3.

New Episode Live

Rich and Matt talk about a few comics this week, including Batman #20 (part one of the Button event) and then do their usual rambling for the rest of the show.

Available at the links below.